Funky Time Statistics and history of big winnings games 2024

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Kelly Flexx  2023-05-26

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In this world of excitement and opportunity, I met a man who knew the secret of real success. He said that before you make your big score, you need to study every detail and thoroughly study the statistics. So I decided to follow his advice.

Statistics is the key to winning, it's the language the big players speak. As I immersed myself in the world of Funky Time, I began to study the numbers, analyze the data, and understand what each number meant.

And what did I find? In Funky Time the RTP is 95.99%, which means that on average each player gets back 95.99% of his bets! And the maximum win is a number that drives you crazy: $100,000,000! That's a real jackpot, my dear friend!

But statistics isn't just numbers. It's also information about the frequency of bonus rolls and features of the game. Using this information, I developed my own strategy that helps me control my actions and increases my chances of winning.

If you want to be the hero of the casino, if you want to make your big score, do not forget to penetrate the meaning of statistics. Study every number, analyze every result and take the victory into your own hands!

How to use statistics in Funky Time

Listen, buddy, if you want to conquer Funky Time and make your big score, you're going to have to immerse yourself in the world of numbers and statistics. I'll teach you how to understand it step by step. After all, statistics will be your main weapon in this game.

Step 1: RTP (Return to Player)

This is the figure that tells how much, on average, a player gets back from his bets. At Funky Time, the RTP is 95.99%. That's not a bad number, meaning that your chances of winning are very real.

Step 2: Maximum winnings

Here's where the huge number comes into play - $100,000,000! That's that crazy jackpot waiting to be yours. I'm sure that figure ignites your imagination, doesn't it?

Step 3: Frequency of bonuses

Funky Time has different bonus rounds and symbols that can bring big winnings. Study the statistics to see how often these bonuses roll out. This will help you plan your bets and playing time slots.

Step 4: Probability of winning

Figure out which combinations of symbols bring the most winnings. Use this information to make decisions about your bets and choose the best strategies.

Step 5: Game History

Look around the stats from previous games to identify any patterns or trends. This will help you understand when to play better and what steps to take to increase your chances of winning.

Buddy, statistics are your captain in this crazy world of gambling. 😜

Study every number, analyze every chart, and you'll gain control of the game and open the door to your big score.

How to use statistics in Funky Time

History of games and big winnings at Funky Time

Here is a table with some of the biggest wins in Funky Time game history:

Date User Amount of winnings
1 15.03.2023 LuckyPlayer $1 250 000
2 02.08.2023 HighRoller $950 000
3 27.11.2023 BigWinner $800 000
4 10.05.2023 JackpotKing $650 000
5 18.09.2023 MegaWinner $500 000
6 03.12.2023 LuckyLady $400 000
7 21.06.2023 BigWinMaster $350 000
8 09.08.2023 SuperGambler $300 000
9 14.04.2023 LuckyStrike $250 000
10 07.07.2023 Fortuna $200 000

These are just some of the amazing winnings that have made these players true heroes in the world of Funky Time.

Who knows, maybe your name will be added to that list soon? 😎

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